Dr Anil Joseph General Practitoner 

Dr. Anil Joseph, an honours graduate in Neuroscience from University College London, pursued medicine at Hull York Medical School. He earned memberships with the Royal Colleges of Physicians and General Practitioners. He initially specialised in cardiology and internal medicine where he gained extensive expertise and later transitioned into general practice, championing holistic care. Notably, Dr. Joseph has contributed significant research in evidence-based medicine. 
He currently serves as a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Hull York Medical School amongst his other roles in medical management. Beyond accolades, he epitomizes Optima Clinics' values with his approachable nature and dedication to superior care. 

Dr Thadshaini Sivaneswaran General Practitoner 

Dr. Thadshaini Sivaneswaran is an invaluable asset to Optima Clinics, embodying a remarkable blend of medical expertise and compassionate care. She holds degrees in Neuroscience from University College London and Medicine from the Hull York Medical School. Her extensive training and experience in the East Riding of Yorkshire equips her to excel in all aspects of General Practice. 
Dr. Sivaneswaran's impressive qualifications, including the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRCOG), and her dedicated focus on Hormone Replacement Therapy and women's health, align perfectly with Optima Clinics' commitment to comprehensive patient care. Her holistic approach, coupled with a friendly and approachable demeanor, ensures that Optima Clinics patients receive the highest standard of care from a trusted clinician. 

Dr. Shaji Basheer General Practitoner 

Dr. Shaji Basheer, a dedicated medical professional at Optima Clinics, brings a wealth of expertise to the field. Holding an MBBS degree from India and the MRCGP from the UK, he honed his skills through extensive training as a General Practitioner. With a career marked by a diverse spectrum of cases, Dr. Basheer is a trusted expert in all aspects of general practice. His passion lies in addressing the challenges of substance abuse, where he applies his extensive knowledge and experience to make a meaningful impact. Dr. Basheer's commitment to patient care and his innovative approach make him a vital asset to the healthcare community. 

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